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liyu After-sale Service

Liyu Service

General rules and regulations

1.Complete after-sales service, reflecting the warm, warm and warm service tenet of improving customer satisfaction as the guiding direction
2. Good service attitude and service quality, publicizing the company culture, and establishing the company image; timely and fast service, short repair and waiting time, and less time-consuming repairs


1. After-sales tracking: Long-term after-sales tracking of the products sold, and warm and thoughtful service to ensure that consumers are satisfied with the products
2. Maintenance update: Have a maintenance team to provide users with consultation and introduction of product use precautions

Management system

1. Set up a sales service agency and after-sales parts library to provide after-sales service for consumers
2. Responsible for the collection of consumer feedback information, acceptance of complaints, return, replacement and repair
3. irregular after-sales service training;
4. Set up an after-sales service hotline consultation phone to provide online after-sales service and consultation answers

Repair service details

1. Maintenance personnel are trained
2. Record detailed customer information and failure phenomena, and send it to the after-sales service center for processing
3. After receiving the report, verify the failure phenomenon and send the appropriate maintenance personnel for repair.
4. Sincere and careful, it is a paid fee. After receiving the relevant fee, issue an invoice or receipt.

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Our Advantage

Our advantage

Keeping pace with the times, pioneering and innovating

We always adhere to the development strategy of promoting production with science and technology, creating a brand with quality, and creating a market with brand, and insist on advancing with the times and innovating.

Intimate customer service

Realized scientific management to provide customers with more perfect and thoughtful services

Energy saving, energy saving, green and environmental protection

Our company strives for excellence in product technology, continuous innovation, and independently developed the LYL series energy-saving electric furnace. Our products are energy-saving, durable, power-saving, and environmentally friendly

Superb technology and high intelligence

High precision, good stability, strong thermal insulation, adjustable temperature rise and fall rate, full microcomputer control, programmable automatic operation process curve, highly intelligent

Huge market share of patent certificates

LYL series energy-saving electric furnaces, kilns and other products have obtained patent certificates, and have a good reputation in the domestic market.

Customers favor selling at home and abroad

The products have been exported to Europe, Japan, Russia, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and other regions. They have passed the inspections at home and abroad, and have been widely recognized and praised by customers.

Excellent, innovative, brand, honest



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